Baijiu Bottoms Up – Chinese New Year

Baijiu Bottoms Up - Chinese New Year
Baijiu Bottoms Up – Chinese New Year

There is a legend that tell of why Chinese celebrate their new year with lots of noise.

Once long ago there lived a hideous ogre called Nian, who once a year would come down from its mountain lair to hunt, and humans were fair game. The people of the village at the foot of the mountain were so scared, they would lock themselves away when they knew it was the time of Nian’s hunt.

One old wise man in the village suggested that rather than cower in their cellars, it would be better if the villagers banded together and chased the monster away. So they did as he bade and with the noise of fireworks and the banging on drums they confronted the monster, who was taken by surprise. The shock and fear of the fireworks along with the cacophony of drums was more than Nian could stand. With a mind befuddled by the din, Nian began running around in circles utterly confused. Soon the monster became totally exhausted and fell to the ground, where the villagers were able to kill him quite easily.

Ever since then the Chinese celebrate their new year with fireworks and drum beating.

Oh, by the way, the name Nian also means “year” in Chinese.

“Bottoms Up”

Take two shot glasses and fill them with V.I.P. Jiu 8, give one to a friend or partner, face each other and raise your glass in toast to each other. Knock back content of glass in one go then shout ganbei as you put your empty glass upside down on table.