Baijiu Cocktail Phoenix Whisper

Baijiu Cocktail Phoenix Whisper
Baijiu Cocktail Phoenix Whisper

Thousand of years after Nuwa created humans. Still there was no music. Until one day the Yellow Emperor Huangdi ordered one of his followers, a fellow named Linglun to develop music so that the people could sing and dance.

Linglun agreed, but was puzzled how to go about his task, so he went on a journey in search of inspiration. He traveled to the Kunlun mountains where he came across a bamboo grove. Here he discovered that by blowing across the end of a cut piece of bamboo it made a melodious sound. After much experiment he found that by making small hole along the cut bamboo it enabled him to vary the sound, as did the use of different lengths of bamboo.

High in the mountain there dwelt the Feng and the Huang, phoenix type birds, with the most beautiful song he had ever heard.

Inspired by this, Linglun made bamboo flutes to duplicate the six notes of the male bird the Feng and the six notes of the female bird, the Huang and all the notes were harmonious.

He returned to the palace to tell the Yellow Emperor of his success. Whereupon the Emperor asked him to prepare a composition.

Linglun and his companions produced a number of bells tuned to match the flutes, and they produced the first concert the world had ever heard. The sound attracted people from far and wide and they lost themselves with great abandon to this beautiful music and as they sang and danced they forgot about the cares and woes of everyday life.

Phoenix Whisper

50ml of V.I.P Jiu 8
30ml of butterfly tea (reduction)
15ml of Grand Marnier
15ml of fresh orange juice
15ml of lemon juice
3 ice cubes
A strip of orange rind

Put all ingredients except orange rind into shaker, shake, pour into tumbler and garnish with orange rind.

To make butterfly pea tea reduction = Boil 500ml of water with 1 tablespoon of butterfly pea tea, add 1 cup of granulated sugar and reduce by half. (simmer for ten minutes) let cool then chill.