Baijiu Cocktails & Free Pouring

Free Pouring
Free Pouring

There are several elements that must be considered when achieving a consistent pour.

1. Keep your starts the same
2. Keep bottle at same angle
3. Keep your timing consistent
4. Keep your cut offs the same
5. Keep your pour-spouts clean
6. Account for different viscosities
7. Account for different amounts in the bottle

Starting The Pour And Angles

The bottle should be held by the neck between the thumb and forefinger, not too tightly. Your wrist should be loose and flexible.

When starting to pour the bottle should be raised swiftly to the one o’clock position., and held firmly. When the bottle is in this position, the pour-spout should be pointing directly down Do not move it up or down as this effects the pour. Keep the bottle steady at the 1 o’clock position.

Take time to practice with an empty bottle. Have a friend watch you to make sure that the bottle is in the correct position. Eventually you will be able to hit the mark every time without thinking about it.

If the bottle is not at 1 o’clock, but lower, the liquid will not pour as quickly, and the pour will not be the same.


When the bottle is raised to one o’clock, the count begins. First the air in the pourer has to be expelled, so we first say “BUBBLE” It allows enough time for the air to escape. After bubble you start at 2 and count up, then cut-off. The counts for different measures are shown below:

1/4 oz Bubble

1/2 oz Bubble, cut

3/4 oz Bubble, 2 , cut

1 oz Bubble, 2 , 3 , cut

1 1/4 oz Bubble 2 , 3 , 4 , cut

1 1/2 oz Bubble 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , cut

1 3/4 oz Bubble 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , cut

2 oz Bubble 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , sev , cut

For Pouring in millilitres the counts are as follows

25ml Bubble, 2 , 3 50ml Bubble,2 ,3 ,4, 5, 6, cut

The rhythm of the count is a treasure you can only find yourself. Some say its the rhythm of a fire engine siren, for others it is the rhythm at which they have sex. It is up to you to practice and find that universal rhythm!!

Cut Offs

A “cut-off” is how you finish the pour. The easiest and best way is to take the bottle from the one o’clock position and swing it under your wrist towards you. It should be done quickly and only with the wrist. Keep your arm still.
You may “bounce the bubble.” This is where you jerk the bottle down and up quickly to interupt the pour. You can use it if you are “trail pouring” a row of tequila slammers. When you “bounce the bubble” if forces 1/4 oz out of the bottle, so account for it in your timing!!

Other Factors Effecting the Pour

Keeping speed pourers clean If there is a blockage in the spout, no matter how small, it will effect your pour. It is imperative that speed pourers are kept clean for this reason and for hygiene reasons.

Different Viscosities Some liqueurs have different viscosities, so this must be taken into account when pouring. Bailey’s is the most common of these. When pouring Bailey’s it leaves the bottle much more slowly, so you must increase your count by 50% to allow for this.

Different Amounts in the bottle The final element that can effect the pour is the amount left in the bottle. A full bottle will pour differently from a half full bottle. This must be considered and accounted for in your count. You must regularly test yourself, to make sure that you are pouring accurately. Remember there is only one way to pour accurately, and it has a simple recipe

Practice – Practice – Practice