Baijiu Fire Water – Baijiu Cocktail Indian Summer

Baijiu Fire Water
Baijiu Fire Water

When the Hudson bay trading company started to trade with the Indians, they first bartered with guns, blankets and cooking utensils to trade for buffalo robes. Then whiskey became the chosen token of trade. The traders soon learned that by diluting the whiskey with water they could get two bottles for one, this way they could get more furs much cheaper.

This practice went on for a while until one day a Chinese immigrant who was working on building the railroad had befriended the Indians showed them that by pouring a little good whiskey onto a fire it would cause it to flame up, whereas the diluted whiskey would quench the flames, by this little experiment the term “fire-water” was coined.

Indian Summer

50ml of V.I.P Jiu 8
50ml of sweet vermouth
50ml of Campari
4 ice cubes
An orange wedge

Put all ingredients except orange wedge into shaker, shake, pour into tumbler and garnish with an orange wedge.