Hong Kong Baijiu Cocktail

Hong Kong Baijiu Cocktail
Hong Kong Baijiu Cocktail

The region of Hong Kong has been inhabited since the stone age, later becoming part of the Chinese empire. Starting out as a farming and fishing village also a salt production site, it later became an important free port.

Hong Kong developed initially through its natural harbour, Hong Kong means fragrant harbour in Chinese.

The peninsular and islands that became the territory of Hong Kong was merely a remote pocket in a forgotten corner of the Chinese empire.

Honk Kong’s first recorded meeting with imperial China in the 13th century was a tragic affair. In 1276 a group of loyal retainers of the Song dynasty smuggled the boy emperor, Duanzong south, after the capital Hangzhou has fallen to the mongols who were sweeping across China.

The nine year old Duanzong personal name Zhao Shi boarded a ship and fled south to Guangdong province, in March 1278, while fleeing from the Mongols, in a hurricane Zhao Shi fell from a boat and was almost drowned, he stayed temporarily in Hong Kong. He died a few months later in Gangzhou due to illness.

Hong Kong Zong Baijiu Cocktail

40 ml of V.I.P Jui 8
2 teaspoons of lime cordial
2 teaspoons of coconut syrup
35 ml of pineapple juice
25ml of fresh lime juice
A lime slice
4 ice cubes

Put all ingredients except lime slice into cocktail shaker, shake to mix, strain into Martini glass float lime slice on top.