The Eight Horses of Wang Mu – Baijiu Cocktail Flight Of Fancy

The Eight Horses of Wang Mu
The Eight Horses of Wang Mu

King Wang Mu, dreamt of being an immortal God. He was determined to visit the heavenly paradise and taste the peach of immortality. A brave charioteer by the name of Zaofu took up the challenge to get him there.

During their travels the Emperor’s chariot was pulled by eight horses, Number one, galloped without touching the ground. Number two, runs faster than birds can fly, number three goes fast at night, number four goes as fast as the shadow of the sun, number five is well groomed with a splendid mane, number six runs so fast that you can see a row of ten images of him,number seven rides on a cloud, number eight has wings.

The eight horses of Wang Mu became a popular subject among later poets and artists and a symbol for the journey of any emperor.

Flight Of Fancy Baijiu Cocktail

45ml of V.I.P Jiu 8
45ml of Malibu
23ml of Triple Sec
135 ml of unsweetened pineapple juice
A pineapple cube
A slice of lemon
4 ice cubes crushed

Put half of the ice into a cocktail shaker and then add the rest of ingredients except the pineapple and lemon, shake to mix. Put the rest of the ice into a tall glass and strain in the cocktail, garnish with a pineapple cube and a lemon slice. Serve with straw.