Baijiu Grogtail – Authentic Navy Pirate Grog Recipe

Baijiu Grogtail
Baijiu Grogtail

The word “Grog” originated in the Royal Navy in 1770 when Vice Admiral Edward Vernon introduced a drink of water and rum. The said Edward wore a coat of Grogram cloth and was nicknamed old Grog. The sailors were getting drunk on strait rum so he ordered the rum to be watered down, the precise mixture to be two quarts water with one pint rum. This was to be mixed daily and distributed twice daily under the close scrutiny of the Lieutenant of the watch.

Before this method came about the sailors were given straight rum. Being suspicious of the officers watering down their rum, the sailors would add gunpowder to their grog to test the proof of the alcohol. If the mixture failed to flare up it had been watered down, but if it burned with a bright blue flame it was considered to be at navy strength of 54.5% ABV

 Baijiu Grogtail

  • 45ml V.I.P of Jiu 8
  • 45ml of white rum
  • 45ml of fresh orange juice
  • 45ml of pineapple juice
  • ½ a slice of orange
  • Maraschino cherry
  • 4 ice cubes

Put all ingredients except orange slice and cherry into shaker, shake to mix, strain into a old-fashioned glass, garnish with orange slice and cherry.