Yin and Yang – Mountain Mist Baijiu Cocktail

Yin and Yang - Mountain Mist Baijiu Cocktail
Yin and Yang – Mountain Mist Baijiu Cocktail

From jewellery pieces sold in shops, to posters hung on walls, you will most likely have seen the Yin and Yang symbol, but do you know of its origins.

One Daoist myth says that before the beginning of the world, there were two forces. Yin was the female element, representing softness, darkness and the earth. Yang was the male element, representing hardness, light and the heavens. Though the two forces were opposites, they were still dependent on each other to maintain the harmony of the universe.

Originally the Yin and Yang were contained in an egg from which the deity Pangu eventually emerged. Pangu lived for 18000 years, growing bigger until he filled the space between the earth and the sky and as he grew he pushed earth and the heavens further and further apart. Then he died and his body formed the five sacred mountains that exist in China. These mountains were venerated as gods themselves. One of the mountains, Tai Shan, has a flight of steps, referred to as the “Stairway to Heaven” Where at the summit sacrifices can be offered.

Mountain Mist

45ml of V.I.P Jiu 8
45ml of Southern Comfort
4 cracked ice cubes
90ml of apple juice

Place half of ice into shaker and add the rest of ingredients, shake to mix. Strain into goblet add the remaining ice.