Baijiu Cocktail Tips

Baijiu Cocktail Tips
Baijiu Cocktail Tips

Some ideas from the experts! These tips are great for creating cocktails that look as delicious as they taste.

Measuring baijiu cocktails

Consistent taste depends on a consistent proportion of ingredients, so always measure. Follow the recipe when first making a drink, and after you’re done, you can adjust it to your tastes.

  • A standard alcoholic drink typically contains one shot of liquor (roughly 1½ fl. oz.).
  • A “fifth” (standard liquor bottle size) is 750ml, or about 17 shots.
  • A jigger is roughly equivalent to a shot.
  • A dash or splash is equal to 1/32 of an oz.-a little bit less than 1 ml.
  • A pony is equal to one oz.
  • One tablespoon is 3/8 oz.

Mixing baijiu cocktails

To get more juice from lemons and oranges, soak them briefly in warm water before squeezing them.

When making drinks, keep everything you need within easy reach of the blender – measures, stirring spoons, ice bucket and tongs, shaker, liquor, garnishes.

Always keep a towel handy for quick cleanup.

Many drinks can be made either frozen (blended) or on the rocks (with whole ice cubes). One of the few exceptions is the Bloody Mary – although, of course, there’s nothing to stop you from blending it if you like!

Stir drinks made with carbonated beverages gently, if at all as over-stirring will make them flat.

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Baijiu Cocktails & Free Pouring

Free Pouring
Free Pouring

There are several elements that must be considered when achieving a consistent pour.

1. Keep your starts the same
2. Keep bottle at same angle
3. Keep your timing consistent
4. Keep your cut offs the same
5. Keep your pour-spouts clean
6. Account for different viscosities
7. Account for different amounts in the bottle

Starting The Pour And Angles

The bottle should be held by the neck between the thumb and forefinger, not too tightly. Your wrist should be loose and flexible.

When starting to pour the bottle should be raised swiftly to the one o’clock position., and held firmly. When the bottle is in this position, the pour-spout should be pointing directly down Do not move it up or down as this effects the pour. Keep the bottle steady at the 1 o’clock position.

Take time to practice with an empty bottle. Have a friend watch you to make sure that the bottle is in the correct position. Eventually you will be able to hit the mark every time without thinking about it.

If the bottle is not at 1 o’clock, but lower, the liquid will not pour as quickly, and the pour will not be the same.

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Baijiu Irish Coffee Recipe Made With V.I.P Jiu 8

Baijiu Irish Coffee
Baijiu Irish Coffee

Just what is Irish coffee? It is a cocktail consisting of hot coffee, Irish whiskey sugar and topped with cream. The cocktail is drank through the cream.

It was supposedly created by Joe Sheridan, chef at Foynes Port, near Limerick, Ireland. Foynes was an airbase for transatlantic flights and often carried prestigious passengers. It is said one evening a flight had to turn back half way through its journey. Joe feeling sorry for the delayed weary travellers made them a hot concoction. The story goes that everyone enjoyed this wonderful drink.

There is also another tale which states the original maker of Irish coffee was a Joseph Jackson, of Jackson’s hotel Ballybofey, county Donegal. Who whilst fighting in World War 2 made the drink in an effort to keep his fellow soldiers awake through the night under the attack of German soldiers.

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